Evo - Devo? What is that

I just found a new podcast at Scientific American and one of the first episodes deals with Evolution and genes. The Sciam podcasts are fantastic and highly recommended for all who enjoy science. Here is the Evo-Devo video

Asok is dead!

I have terrible news for Asok's coworkers and all interns suffering unspeakable evil in the corporate world: Asok died bravely testing his company's latest project.

This is how the news are broken to Asok coworkers:

If you want to know about the unfortunate series of events leading up to Asok's sad demise, check http://www.dilbert.com/, click on the "read past strips" tab and check the 3 or 4 days leading up to Asok's final journey!

I think I will log into Second Life again and look for Scott Adams avatar to kick his ass around the block! Poor Asok!