Yes, weather made a big mess but what about religion?

Last week Thursday I went out of town for the day and coming back to the office in the afternoon was impossible because of extraordinary rain that caused mudslides and all sorts of catastrophic events, reducing inbound traffic into the city to a slow crawl.

Weather can turn our best plans into a big mess but what about the mess religion is making with people's minds?

That same Thursday morning, before weather wreaked havoc with my agenda, I was talking to a gentleman who was showing me and my colleague around in the facility that we were visiting (a government entity). The guy was very nice and accommodating to our requests and while my colleague took notes I engaged him in conversation, since I was not really busy.

We started talking politics (who doesn't these days?) and since he told me he personally knew the guy who lost the election in the last poll, I asked him if he regretted having voted for the winning candidate, whose government after six months is a big disappointment to his voters. His answer, while candid and honest, was a big disappointment to me.

He said something like "look, I am a christian and I believe in the Word and I read the Bible, and the Bible says that at the end of times there will be violence and evil and those are the signs we are reading in the world all around us these days. So, it doesn't really matter if we vote for one candidate or another, the end result is going to be pretty much the same and Jesus is the only one who is going to make it better when he comes back in all his glory..."

So, if we pollute our environment and kill each other it does not matter because "it is written". And, exonerating ourselves of any personal responsibility, "God will, in the end, make it better".

Sorry, I can't deal with that.

We are responsible for our actions and we are the ones who have to take action and be accountable in order to improve our world and clean up our messes.

I understand now better Mr. Harris' and Mr. Dawkins' fierce opposition to religion. I am inclined to agree.


Luis FIGUEROA said...

La irracionalidad es tri

Kim Lam said...

Lo más lamentable es que la mayoría de personas del planeta pertenecen a alguna religión. Todas fomentan la irresponsabilidad y el acomodo intelectual.