Did you know the earth is flat?

Yes, it is flat... or at least so maintains the Flat Earth Society. I browsed through their claims and found them interesting. They say that

  • The Earth is flat
  • Most of it is water - held in place by ice walls
  • Gravity is really acceleration - the Earth accelerates upward and that gives us the illusion of gravity

And most interestingly, they say that if Earth were round, people standing on the south pole would fall off!!!

I don't know if they really believe all of this nonsense is true or if they are only having fun at the expense of gullible people. Anyway, check their claims and see if they convince you. They didn't convince me.

And I still don't understand what Rasputin has to do with all of it...

By the way, researching this piece, I found this fantastic piece of art, by a gentleman called George Grie. You can use it as wallpaper.

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