THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS: The Archdiocese of Mexico recomends women how to dress and behave to avoid sexual aggression!

Jamie Lynn did not follow the advice of Father Román...

I believe the priesthood has overdone it. I stumbled upon this news (in spanish here) and felt outraged. An excerpt follows, freely translated by yours truly:

"The Archdiocese of Mexico has published some 'advice' for young women to avoid being the victims of sexual attacks... 'do not use provocative clothing'; 'avoid being alone with a man, even if he is an acquaintance...'; 'avoid suggestive conversation...'

"When we exhibit our body without modesty we are prostituting it because we cause in others feelings they have no right to unless it is our desire to become public property, that is, we get mentally prostituted*. That's what pornography is, a mental prostitution..."

"The human body is simply beautiful, it is God's work... Art has glorified and sublimated it in search of a merely esthetical feeling...

"Some of our young women, well educated in the value of modesty, feel uncomfortable with clothing that shows their bodies. We see them modestly pulling down their short shirts, their skirts and covering their cleavage with a sweater..."

*my emphasis

Looking back at my previous post on personal responsibility, I believe this is another wrong direction religion can take us. It is not the rapist's fault - she was "unmodest" and "provocative" or "suggestive". This "advice" also makes the priesthood thinking visible, they insist on demeaning women by making them guilty of the aggression they suffer because "it is her fault" or "she was looking for it".

It is time to stop the bullshit and the nonsense. Everyone has to be accountable for their actions. End of the story. Nothing less will do.

Note: I tried looking at the source in the Archdiocese of Mexico's website,, as advertised in these news and in the Google search. The website was apparently down, probably because of the (just) indignation at this stupidity. However, I was able to ascertain that the note was published on August 10th, 2008, by priest Sergio G. Román del Real. The article might have been pulled by the Archdiocese which is now trying to distance itself from the writings of "father" Román. Check this additional note here (in spanish)


.: arte-sano :. said...

I took a look at your site, it's very interesting, I'm actually in a sort of search for the "light" on my own ideas about religion and skepticism, the more that I learn the more liberated I feel. I just want to recommend you a interesting book, you may have already hear about it, "The God Delusion", by Richard Dawkins, I'm quite fascinated by DR. Dawkins ideas right now, anyways, I'll be checking on your post from time to time,

Zarek said...

Thanks for the interest. I have already gone though Dawkins' book and it is very interesting. I do not, however, intend to become a militant atheist as Dawkins suggests... live and let live but don't make me participate in the insanity!