Cornswalled, stupidity, hipocrisy and other sins

A few weeks ago I got notice of this blog, via the SGU podcast. Of course, I went to check out the site and was surprised at the depth of ignorance and stupidity it reflects. This guy, Alexander Cornswalled, bills himself as a "conservative christian" and rants against science, education and whatever is not written in the bible.

(Whenever I think about these people who take the bible as a literal guide to life I wonder if they go to the bathroom; the bible never mentions Jesus or his disciples taking any kind of biological break).

I find a lot of problems with these fundamentalists, or "fundies" as a fellow blogger calls them. Whenever you read Cornswalled, you can feel the bile, the rage and the hate for anyone who does not share the same fundie values. It is all negative. Disease is punishment from God. Modern medicine is against God's will. And I, in his eyes, am a willing member of Satan's army. It does not matter that I do not believe in Satan, he will say I follow his dictum if he gets to read this.

I do not have anything against people having religious beliefs and faith. The fact that I do not share those beliefs does not prevent me from seeing good things belief has made in others, rescuing them from the depths of alcoholism or drug addiction and turning them into upstanding members of our community. Maybe that is what they needed and I am fortunate enough not to need any kind of religious crutches to behave and be an upstanding member of society. But, having said that, I truly do not want to be a member of any cult, religion or group that believes they are the only possesors of the truth and who believe in a God that is so full of hate and rage that will eternally punish the 95% of humanity that do not share the same fundie belief.

If God exists, he would not be so unfair, even if he cared...

And as I have told people who are very close to me, Jesus is said to have preached love. Love thy neighbor, love thy brother. And we are all brothers, coming from a few common ancestors, as much as Cornswalled and his brethren want to deny it. (No, it was not only two). Why not follow that good advice? When you see these fundies talk and read their writings, they are preaching hate: hate for the unbeliever, the gay, the muslim, the Obamas, anyone and everyone who does not conform.

(Reminds me of the Pocahontas movie song: ..."you think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you...")

And that, in my book, is not christian charity. It is plain hipocrisy.


Luis FIGUEROA said...


Luis FIGUEROA said...


Alexander Cornswalled said...

The point of the review was to let Christians parents know what kind of content it contains. I'm sorry this offends you, but to be honest atheists aren't the target audience for the review. I've gotten a lot of positive, private feedback from people about the podcast reviews I've done. I just wish my schedule let me do more of them.

The podcast is not appropriate for children, particularly Christian children.

Zarek said...

The SGU may not be appropiate for children.

I am not offended Corny - I just don't like your treatment of non-believers. To each his own.